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Splashy Fish Hack Cheat Tool

Splashy Fish Hack Cheat Tool



A new game in the App Store and Google Play that grows very quickly. It looks like a take on the trail at Flappy bird. The two games are almost identical, but considering that Flappy bird was removed remains Splashy Fish. A very nice and very interesting game. Want to make high score on Splashy Fish? Our team created Splashy Fish Hack Cheat Tool. This hack is very easy to use and works perfectly. With it you can add unlimited score in just a few minutes with just a few clicks. Hack can be used for iOS an Android. No need jailbreak or root dëser Hack Instrument ze benotzen. You can download it below. You can see here a video with proof that our hack works and you can put what you score.


  1. Download Splashy Fish Hack Cheat Tool
  2. Run The Cheat Tool
  3. Wielt Är Plattform (iOS oder Android)
  4. Connect Ärem Apparat fir PC via USB
  5. Click Detect Device
  6. Wielt Hack Fonctiounen
  7. Klickt Patch Spill!


  1. Max SCORE
  2. Gott Régime (Remove Pipes)
  3. Fun Mode


You can download this hack directly on iOS , Android or your PC . Clicked on the button below and you will be able to select your platform . If you download directly to your phone is no longer needed via USB connection . Just give detect device and use the hack.






Below you can see a video with Splashy Fish Hacked



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9 Äntwerte

  1. Andreea seet:
    Downloaded and work. now my score is 9999
  2. Benjamin seet:
    I activated God mode .is awesome man 🙂
  3. James p. seet:
    Work on iphone 5 .merci
  4. Frank m. seet:
    you save me .This game kill my life .now i have 999 score .THANKS
  5. Russell seet:
  6. Julie seet:
    worked.thanks team
  7. JUly D seet:
    worked for me.thx
  8. Allen Bathory seet:
    Very useful this hack
  9. Putin seet:
    your hack saved me!! I activated god mode and it worked perfectly

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