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Snapchat for WindowsDownload free for Windows

Snapchat for Windows

What is Snapchat for Windows? Snapchat is an application released for smartphones. On that app you can send photos to your friends, you can chat , see videos recorded by you friends and few other great things.You can have a lot of friends, there is not a limit and can be added from you contacts, by username or just by scanning your friends snapchat username on him phone. If you send messages in that app will not be saved only if you want that.The app have a lot of great things and if you want to know more about the app you can see here.

Snapchat for Windows 1

Snapchat for Windows is free to download and you can have it right now. This snapchat version is available for Qhov rais 8, Qhov rais 8.1 , Qhov rais 10 and Windows phones. Is available for all windows phones and can be used in the same way like on iOS or android. The app is also easy to install and to use. Just check download button from below, download Snapchat for Windows then install it to your phone or PC. Enter you username and now you can simple use it.

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